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Long-Term Boarding

Long-Term Boarding is an entirely customized service that is offered on a case-by-case basis. It could accommodate a deploying military member or dog parent that is going out of town for a prolonged period. This service’s length would be defined per client and customized to meet the client’s needs for their pet. 


With one of the owners being retired military and the other having had worked at an animal shelter on a military base, they saw firsthand what happened to dogs that were surrendered because a deploying service member had no other option for pet care. To help manage the stresses of long-term boarding, we will be offering a VIP, all-inclusive package that includes services that we do not offer our regular boarding dogs.


Services are customized to fit your needs and can include: daily flex area play, our large boarding suite, daily daycare, occasional special meals and treats, walks, car rides, and/or overnight stays with one of our RHR owners. Please talk to a manager to discuss options and prices.

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