Puppy Program

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Adding a puppy to your family can be an exciting time, but it can also be a lot of work! It is very important for puppies to start working on training and socialization early. Socializing a young puppy can be tricky though. While daycare might seem like a good idea to get rid of some of that energy your new puppy has, it doesn't provide them with the proper amounts of rest that they need throughout the day. Puppies require 18-20 hours of rest a day to help with brain development. In our puppy program, your puppy will join our other Posh Pups and be able to socialize, learn new things, and take lots of naps. 

Our Posh Pups Puppy Program is designed for puppies to begin when they are 8 weeks to 7 months old. It is best as a 16 week program, but can be as little as 8 weeks. During the program your puppy will be taught the following: sit, down, go to bed/place, name recognition, leave it/drop it, wait for food & treats, wait at doorways. We will also help you with potty training, by working with your pup throughout the day and having frequent potty breaks. As we stated above, early socialization is key! So we will make sure that your pup has lots of play time with other puppies their age, as well as, lots of human interaction! 


Enrollment Fee: $250

What is included in this price? 

Training is all about treats, so this price includes the treats that we will be using for your pup every day. Your puppy will also receive a Purple Pebble bed. This is what we will keep at RHR during their time in the program to teach the "go to bed" command, but you will be able to take it home with you upon completion of the Puppy Program. We believe that dogs learning to have their paws handled is very important, so this fee also includes weekly nail trims for your pup if they are in attendance that week. You will also receive a RC Pets leash and collar. Quick release collars are very important for daycare and your puppy should get used to wearing a collar everyday, as well as, walking on a leash. This fee also includes the daycare evaluation fee ($30). 

Daily Fee: $35