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Hurricane Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of your pets, Ruff House Resort has a strict policy for all dogs boarding at our facility during Hurricane Season ( June 1 - November 30). In the event that we are in the direct path of a hurricane or tropical storm we will, at our discretion, evacuate the facility, no less than 24 hours prior to landfall. Owners will be contacted 24-28 hours prior to any evacuation decisions being made, as well as, post updates on our social media pages. While the hurricane may pass quickly, it could leave the area without power or potable water for an extended period of time. RHR will not board dogs in that environment.

If you are boarding your dog during Hurricane Season we require the following:

  • Your contact information must be up to date. This includes a phone and email where you can be reached. 

  • The names and numbers of at least 2 local people who would be willing to pick up your pet(s) from RHR in the event that we must evacuate and you are unable to retrieve your pet prior to evacuation. 

Please make sure that your local contacts are aware that you have provided their information, and that they are willing to get your pet in the case of an evacuation. 

We reserve the right to refuse stay to any pets that do not have emergency contacts during these months. 

Unclaimed Pets: The best way to ensure that your pet is safely evacuated and that you are reunited with them is to have them picked up from Ruff House Resort by you or your local contact. This is in the best interest of the dogs' health and safety! We are not equipped to evacuate large amounts of dogs, and it is difficult to predict when and how we will reunite them with their owners after the storm has passed. Also, please remember that the owners and our staff have their own families and pets they need to evacuate. Adding additional dogs in the mix who may not get along with other people or pets can be a difficult task during an already stressful time. 

However, we would like to reiterate that no animal will be left behind at RHR in the event of an evacuation. We will transport any unclaimed pets to a safe location. These pets are subject to an evacuation fee of $1000, in addition to their regular boarding rate and any other cost associated with their transport and care, upwards of $200 per day. 


Failure to claim your pet prior to evacuation releases Ruff House Resort and its agents of all liability pertaining to the transport and boarding of your pet during evacuation.

Please print out the following document and bring it with you to your boarding reservation.

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