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We know how important it is to know your pet is being well cared for in a safe and loving environment while you are apart! We want you to feel confident your dog is getting the best care so that you can relax just like your furry pal will be doing with RHR. Our welcoming and attentive staff will do everything possible to provide a home away from home for your pet. Whether you need to board your dog overnight, during the holidays, or for an extended stay your dog will spend their days enjoying our enriching services and their nights enjoying restful sleep.

At Ruff House Resort we do not have cages! We have varied sized rooms and suites to suit your dogs needs! Each room is equipped with a raised bed, as well as, very comfortable bedding! Rooms have daily maid service to make sure all rooms are tidy and the bedding is fresh. 

When you go on vacation, you don't typically spend all day in your hotel room. That is why we have plenty of customizable amenities to create a fun and enriching experience for your dog. Our most popular amenity is daycare, however, if your dog would rather have some one on one time with there best fur friend we can arrange that as well! 

Rooms & Suites 


$60 per night.
What's Included? Temp controlled, large suite with a private patio for  unlimited outdoor access during the day! Elevated beds with cushion.
Multiple Dogs?
$55 per dog or $52 per dog if they share a suite.  

$40 per night. 
What's Included? Temp controlled, unlimited potty breaks, elevated bed with cushion. nightly bedtime treat. 

Multiple Dogs?
$35 per dog or $32 per dog if they share a room. Room sharing is dependent on the size of the dogs.
Please keep in mind, if two large dogs will be sharing both sides of the cabin, with the door in the middle open, this will be the $35 per dog fee. 

$50 per night.
What's Included? Temp controlled, full glass doors to help decrease stress, unlimited potty breaks, elevated bed with cushion. 

Multiple Dogs?
$45 per dog or $42 per dog if they share a villa.  

Lofts Cabins



Check-In & Check-Out Times

Check-In: Rooms are guaranteed to be ready by 12 pm on the day of arrival. If your dogs is attending daycare, you can drop off at any time. We ask that all dogs check in prior to 4 pm.

Check-Out is 11 am. If you arrive after 11 am to pick up your pet you will be charged with a Late Check-Out Fee, unless your pet has added Daycare to their stay.
Sunday hours are strictly for check in and out so there is no late fee added.  

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