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At Ruff House Resort, we provide a full days worth of enriching activities and the highest level of care for our guests. We provide socialization and education, as well as, mental and physical exercise.  We realize that rest is also an important factor of a healthy environment, so in addition to burning off plenty of their pent-up energy, they will get much needed relaxation time.

All dogs must pass a playgroup evaluation before they are able to attend daycare at Ruff House Resort. Once your dog has passed their evaluation, they will be ready to play in our indoor and outdoor play areas all day long. All playgroups are designed to inspire positive experiences with dogs of similar size and temperament.

Daycare is a supervised environment where multiple, compatible dogs play together in our indoor/outdoor play areas. We have three large, temperature controlled play areas separated by small, medium, and large dogs. Groups will have all day access to  outdoor play area which features K9 Grass, playground equipment and splash areas for cooling off.  

Day Stay

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Day Stay is a customizable daycare option for those furry pals that need more individualized options during their stay or their parents prefer an option other than large group play.  This service can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances.  Senior Dogs: Older dogs may enjoy socializing with others but are not able to physically tolerate a large group.  In this case a small group with calm dogs may provide a better option.  Herding Dogs:  While herding dogs love to play and run, being in a large group can cause them to go into their ''work mode" and we just want them to relax and have fun, not feel like they need to work.  In large groups they can become over stimulated which can get them into problems.  Nervous/High Anxiety Dogs:  Groups with a large amount of dogs do not tend to be the best environment for nervous or anxious dogs.  While our groups have a controlled number of dogs and they are actively monitored at all times, these dogs may feel less stressed in a smaller play group.  Introverts/Pampered Pooches: Some dogs just do not enjoy daycare or just prefer 1:1 human interaction to canine companionship.  It could also include dogs that just prefer to chase a ball or frisbee  rather than being chased by another dog.  Intact Males:  We do not allow intact males in play group, but want to ensure that their socialization needs are addressed in a manner that is safe for them. This may mean letting 2 intact males play together.  It is not that an intact male is more aggressive, it is that the neutered males may be triggered by intact males. 



Daycare Evaluation

Full Day

Multiple Dogs - Full Day

Hourly - up to 4 hours

Late Pick-Up






Day Stay

Full Day

Multiple Dogs - Full Day

Hourly - up to 4 hours

Late Pick-Up







Day Stay

5 Day

10 Day

20 Day

30 Day

50 Day

100 Day













Multiple Dog Package Discounts

2 Dogs: 10% off total purchase

3+ Dogs: 15% off total purchase

The 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 Day Packages all expire after 6 months. 

The 100 Day Package expires after 1 year. 

All packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you do not use all of your package days you will not be eligible to receive a refund for the unused days. 

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