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Join Our Pack!

We are always looking for good people to join our team. Fill out an application today to be considered. 

Clientail Services 

These are our support staff members that help up keep RHR running smoothly throughout the day. This position is ideal for someone who is very task oriented as they will be responsible for many individual tasks. This is an ideal position for someone who is in school as it provides the most flexible hours. 

Specific Duties to Include:

Grooming: Preform baths and toe nail trims for dogs of all sizes

One-on-One Activities: Provide special one-on-one time with the dogs staying with us who have signed up for these perks.

Cleaning: Responsible for keeping the lobby and grooming rooms clean and presentable throughout the day. Helping to keep up with the laundry. Making sure the Lofts, Cabins, Villas, and Suites are clean and that the dogs have fresh bedding.

Customer Service: Greet clients with a smile and assist in getting their dog to and from daycare, day stay, or their room. 


These are our main animal caretakers. They do the majority of the work and wear many hats. They must be good with our four legged clients, as well as our two legged ones. Ideally we want our Rufferees to work at least 4 shifts a week. 

Specific Duties to Include:

Grooming: Perform baths and trim toenails for dogs of all sizes.

Cleaning: Keep the animal care areas clean and sanitized and perform the daily detailing responsibilities.

Playgroup Management: Learn how to manage animal behaviors and watch for “predictor signs” that could indicate a fight. You must have the confidence to discipline and handle dogs weighing up to 150lbs.

Feeding, Watering, & Medicating: Ensure all dogs are provided fresh water, are fed their correct foods in the correct amounts, and medicated as instructed.

Supervision: Understand the importance of never leaving dogs in playgroups unattended. We pride ourselves in providing constant supervision.

Customer Service: Must be comfortable speaking with clients in person and on the phone. It's your responsibility to tell pet parents all about their dog's visit with us!


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